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Create stunning cross-platform apps with Flutter.

Flutter has revolutionized the world of mobile app development by enabling the creation of beautiful, high-performance applications for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop from a single codebase.

At Instance, our skilled developers create visually captivating and responsive apps that seamlessly run across devices with Flutter. Reduce development time, costs, and reach a wider audience. Let us deliver exceptional cross-platform experiences and help you grow.
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Techniques for establishing Flutter Application

The following steps make up the full Flutter Application we'll use to work on your project.

  • Preliminary research to understand the market landscape and identify potential user needs.
  • Defining project scope, goals, and constraints.

  • User research and analysis to gather insights into user preferences, behaviors, and pain points.
  • Identifying and defining specific user personas and their requirements.
  • Creating a detailed functional requirements document outlining the app's features and functionalities.

  • Defining the structure and framework of the mobile application- selection of platforms, technologies, and architectural patterns.
  • Creating a detailed plan that outlines the app's components, data flow, user interactions, and integration points, facilitating efficient development.

  • Creating wireframes or mockups to visualize the app's layout, user interface, and user experience.
  • Designing the app's visual elements, including color schemes, typography, and icons.
  • Developing interactive prototypes to validate the app's design and gather user feedback.

  • Setting up the development environment and selecting the appropriate technology stack (e.g., programming languages, frameworks).
  • Implementing front-end and back-end development, including coding the app's user interface, logic, and data management.
  • Integrating necessary APIs, services, and external components.

  • Conducting thorough testing to ensure the app functions correctly, including unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.
  • Addressing any bugs, errors, or issues identified during the testing phase.
  • Optimizing the app's performance, responsiveness, and security.

  • Preparing the app for release by creating app store accounts and obtaining necessary certificates.
  • Submitting the app to the respective app stores (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store).
  • Developing a marketing strategy and plan for the app's launch, including promotional activities and user acquisition efforts.

  • Providing ongoing support and product maintenance to end-users.
  • Continuously monitoring and optimizing the system.

Case Study

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Magicrete approached Instance IT Solutions seeking assistance with their distribution management system on mobile. They needed a mobile application that would enable their distributors to place orders seamlessly, eliminating any hurdles in the process.

Additionally, they required dynamic pricing for each distributor based on agreed-upon prices. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 was crucial to automate sales documentation and streamline finance department operations.


Instance IT Solutions developed a customized mobile application to allow Magicrete's distributors to place orders effortlessly, providing a user-friendly interface. Dynamic pricing was implemented to ensure accurate and customized pricing for each distributor.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 automated sales documentation, enabling efficient order processing and simplifying finance department operations. The mobile application transformed Magicrete's distribution management system, empowering distributors to place orders conveniently and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Sourabh Bansal


“We want an App that should interface with the dynamics of ERP and CRM. We reach out at Instance IT Solutions and we are glad to work with the company as the understanding of the business processes and how to translate it in UI is best. We are amazed by delivering speed of our required customized App. Wishing you success and all endeavors.”

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Flutter development is the process of using the Flutter framework to build cross-platform mobile applications. Flutter allows developers to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, providing a fast and efficient way to develop visually appealing and performant mobile applications.

Flutter offers several advantages for mobile app development. It provides a single codebase for multiple platforms, reducing development time and costs. Flutter apps have a native-like performance and look, with customizable widgets and smooth animations. The framework also offers a hot-reload feature, allowing for quick iterations and a faster development cycle.

Flutter uses Dart as its primary programming language. Dart is a modern, object-oriented language that is easy to learn and offers features like a just-in-time (JIT) compiler for fast development and a ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler for efficient production-ready code.

Yes, Flutter is capable of building complex mobile applications. It provides a rich set of UI components, customizable widgets, and extensive support for third-party libraries, making it suitable for developing feature-rich and visually appealing applications. Flutter's modular architecture allows for scalability and code organization, making it well-suited for large and complex projects.

Yes, Flutter is an excellent choice for cross-platform app development. With Flutter, you can build apps that run natively on both iOS and Android platforms, sharing a significant amount of codebase. This results in cost savings, faster development, and consistent UI across platforms, making it a preferred option for businesses looking to target both iOS and Android users.

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