Work Life balance

It is essential to balance professional and personal life in today's world. At Instance IT, our culture empowers employees to think bigger, encourage new ideas to promote innovation, and have fun while working hard!

We are fully committed to creating a fair and equitable work environment for our team; we hire highly proficient troopers then invest in them to expand their skillsets. We strive for the highest personal quality benchmarks, with a team that works systemically to become the best.

Instance IT Solutions is not just a place where employees work. It’s a place where all members collectively learn, thrive and grow. It is perseverance, learning, fun, laughter, and life-long memories.

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Work Life Balance

Glimpse of Celebration

We take having fun pretty seriously around here, whether it is an event or celebration. After all, laughter is not just laughter; it’s a sign of the safety and connection that we offer to everyone. We believe that work is compatible with life.


    • 5 Days Working Culture

    • Cash Reward + Award

    • Referral Bonus

    • Over Time Pay

    • Best Place To Gain Knowledge

    • Career Growth Opportunity

    • Annual Leaves: 31 (12PL + 12FL + 7Life Event Leave)

    • Chance to Lead the Team

    • Work-Life Balance

    • Friendly Environment

    • Very Supportive Staff

    • Training and Feedback Mechanism

    • Celebrations: Birthday & Festivals

    • Movies, Events, Outing, etc.

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