Creating Work-Life Balance

Achieving a harmonious blend of work and personal life is paramount in today's fast-paced world. At Instance IT, we foster a culture that empowers our employees to dream big, embrace fresh ideas to fuel innovation, and enjoy their work while putting in sincere efforts.

We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to cultivating a workplace that is fair and inclusive, where we hire exceptional individuals and invest in their growth to broaden their skillsets. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence sets high standards for personal achievement, with a united team that consistently strives to be the best.

Instance IT Solutions is not merely a workplace; it is a collective space where every member learns, thrives, and evolves together. It embodies perseverance, continuous learning, joy, camaraderie, and the creation of lifelong memories.

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Work Life Balance

Celebrate in Style

We firmly believe that work and life can harmoniously coexist. Which is why, we take 'having fun' pretty seriously around here, no matter what the occasion is. Laughter, to us, is more than just mirth; it’s a sign of security and connection that we extend to everyone at Instance IT

By celebrating in style, we foster a sense of pride, camaraderie, and motivation among our employees, reinforcing the company's position as a leader in the ever-evolving world of technology.


    • 5 Days Working Culture

    • Cash Reward + Award

    • Referral Bonus

    • Over Time Pay

    • Best Place To Gain Knowledge

    • Career Growth Opportunity

    • Annual Leaves: 31 (12PL + 12FL + 7Life Event Leave)

    • Chance to Lead the Team

    • Work-Life Balance

    • Friendly Environment

    • Very Supportive Staff

    • Training and Feedback Mechanism

    • Celebrations: Birthday & Festivals

    • Movies, Events, Outing, etc.

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